The days I spent at TCS are some of the brightest days of my life. I was able to find an inclusive, tolerant and opportune environment that facilitated the simultaneous growth of both academics and social aspects. The students here are honest and impartial, unabashedly welcoming to any and all cultures and races. I enjoyed the multitude of cultures that uniously sat together as friends, harbouring no bias to one another, The faculty at TCS provide students with the guidance and space to develop themselves into the best version of themselves. There are endless opportunities to unveil your talents, and I am decidedly grateful to them. Here, teachers always walked the extra mile for students, and they likewise. The mutual trust between one another created a comfortable environment that encouraged students to thrive, and I benefited immensely from it. All in all, I have nothing but the kindest words for TCS, the school that cemented my growth. I’m certain that the other students undoubtedly share my sentiment.